SW-PBIS Training

SW-PBIS Training

SW-PBIS Training

We offer training to networks or groups of schools in all aspects of SW-PBIS implementation.

In implementing SW-PBIS, we support schools in developing and teaching their behaviour and social-emotional skills curriculum with the intensity required to support all students to be successful.

Our typical training sequence is below:


Training and implementation activities


School leadership team introduction session

(30 minutes, online/video)

Whole school staff readiness session

(60 minutes, online/video)

Complete Readiness Assessment Part A

School leadership team discuss with governing council, secure commitment to three-year training. Form  PBIS Tier 1 leadership team

Complete Readiness                      Assessment Part B

Year 1
Building Tier 1

Day 1 PBIS Tier 1 Leadership Team

Day 2 PBIS Tier 1 Leadership Team

Day 3 PBIS Tier 1 Leadership Team

Day 4 PBIS Tier 1 Leadership Team

Year 2
Implementing Tier 1 and Trialling Tier 2

PBIS Tier 1 Leadership Team implementing supports for PBIS in classrooms – behaviour

PBIS Tier 2 Core Team Day 1

PBIS Tier 1 leadership team implementing supports for PBIS in classrooms – active engagement in learning

PBIS Tier 2 Core Team Day 2

Year 3
Implementing all 3 tiers

PBIS Tier 1 Leadership Team Expanding to MTSS – inclusion of literacy and mental health

Tier 3 core team

Day 1

Tier 3 core and first action teams

Day 2

Tier 3 core team Day 3

Consideration can be given to a hybrid online and face-to-face model for remote schools.

Schools that would like to join training at Tier 2 or Tier 3 can be considered after providing evidence of fidelity of implementation at the preceding Tiers (recent TFI and SAS data).

Online group coaching is provided between each day of training.

We support schools with collection of data about student outcomes, and fidelity of implementation.

Other training available (to networks or groups of schools)

Course 4. Effective Classroom Practices

  • For schools, whether they are implementing PBIS/MTSS or not, who want to support teachers to use practices in their classroom that make a difference to student behaviour and student engagement with learning.                                                                                                                                 
  • Schools will be able to send two or more staff with the intention that these teachers will become consultants in their schools over the years of training. These teacher consultants will learn how to collect and analyse data about effective classroom practice, plan and deliver effective multicomponent professional development in their schools and demonstrate change in teacher use of effective practices and student engagement and behavioural success.
  • In this four-day course, teacher consultants will learn the effective practices, trial using them in their own classrooms in job-embedded learning, collect data about their own practices, and plan and implement effective cycles of multicomponent professional learning in their own schools.
  • Please see here for more information about the research into classroom supports:
  • https://www.pbis.org/resource/organizing-supporting-adults-to-implement-pcbs
  • https://www.pbis.org/resource/supporting-and-responding-to-educators-classroom-pbis-implementation-needs-guide-to-classroom-systems-and-data

Course 5. Reinvigorating PBIS/MTSS and Implementing for Impact

Course 6. Enhancing PBIS/MTSS with Interconnected Systems Framework for Mental Health

  • For schools who are already implementing PBIS/MTSS with high fidelity and would like to expand their support to include students with internalising difficulties like anxiety or depression.
  • This three-day training with coaching sessions in between will support schools to expand their systems to promote good mental health, prevent difficulties, early intervention for students at risk of developing an internalising disorder and support intensive interventions for students at high risk.
  • Evidence of implementation of core PBIS features at Tier 1 is required to access this training – recent TFI and SAS data
  • Please see here for more information about the ISF https://www.pbis.org/mental-health-social- emotional-well-being and https://www.pbis.org/resource/interconnecting-school-mental-health- and-pbis-volume-2