SSPBIS Institute – Monday 30 April 2018


Session number Session Title Presentation Handouts and supporting material
Keynote 2 Keynote: Using Stronger Smarter & the PBIS Cultural Responsiveness Field Guide to Empower Community Voice and buy in Keynote 2 SSPBIS K2 A 5-Point Intervention Approach for Enhancing Equity in School Discipline

K2 Engaging Instruction to Increase Equity in Education

K2 PBIS Cultural Responsiveness Field Guide

K2 Stronger Smarter Approach 2017_final

4a Specialised Practices in Early Childhood 4a PBS & Early Childhood
4b Data Based Decision Making using the PBIS Framework 4b. Data Based Decsion Making SSPBIS Institute 2018 copy Handout 1 4b Missouri Data Based Decision Making Model

Handout 2 4b DBDM Sample Big 5 ODR Report

Tier 1 2017_Ch. 7

4c Positive Parenting and sharing successful strategies with your parents and community 4c PBIS and Parents Handout 1 SSPBIS Parent involvement

Handout 2 Self assessment MatrixforFamilyInvolvementexample2

Handout 3 Web_survey_example3

5a PBIS in High Schools and special considerations for High School Students. 5a High School & PBIS
5b Motivation and Rewards 5b Motivation & Rewards 5b Motivation & Rewards Handout
5c Introduction to the ISF – universal systems to support teachers to help students be mentally healthy 5c Integrating Mental Health into PBS – The ISF Handout 1 5c Introduction to the Interconnected Systems Framework

Handout 2 session 5c ISF SSPBIS 2018 Anika Report

Handout 3 for ISF Hexagon Tool for choosing EBP

6a PBIS A Worldview  6a PBIS world view
6b Implementation fidelity: Moving beyond the SET and planning for action 6b. TFI and SAS  6b SWPBIS Tiered Fidelity Inventory (TFI)

6b ebssurvey 6b T1 Ch. 7_Tiered Fidelity Inventory Protocol

6b Copy-of-TFI-Data-Tool.-TBSP

6b ebssurvey

6c Positive Behaviour Support and Trauma Informed Practice 6c PBIS and Trauma 2 Handout 1 6c PBIS and Trauma

Handout 2 PBIS and TIPtrauma sensitive school checklist (1)