QLD PBL Conference 18th July 2017

Author: Sharonne Telfer

QLD PBL Conference Stronger Smarter PBS (pdf 1009kb)

The Kimberley Education Region in Western Australia covers over 400,000 square kilometers and provides education to approximately 5600 students across 23 Schools. Education in the Kimberley faces a number of challenges over and above levels of intensity experienced in most other regions. The vast distances, geographic isolation and transiency of staff present serious challenges. There is a critical need to improve engagement of Aboriginal children in the education system. The Kimberley Education Regiona has a focus on developing strong Aboriginal community leadership to support improved outcomes for students. There has been a  priority on school staff completing leadership training through the Stronger Smarter Institute. The Institute is committed to changing the tide of low expectations in Indigenous education in Australia and works with school and community leaders in pursuit of high expectations and high performance school cultures. In recognition of the regional context, Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) training was synthesized with elements of the Stronger Smarter training to develop Stronger Smarter Positive Behaviour Support (SS PBS). This has ensured that the support provided to schools in the region, through training and ongoing technical assistance is contextualized to cater for the unique needs of schools, students and communities. The wide diversity between schools in the region is reflected in the unique way each school has implemented SS PBS.   This paper will explore how the SS PBS innovation has grown and sustained through an ongoing commitment to building coaching capacity and regional leadership support.