PBIS Tier 1 Online Team Training

PBIS Tier 1 Online Team Training


  • Our training and resources are from Missouri School-Wide Positive Behaviour Support(MO SW-PBS)  
  • This training is rigorously researched and updated each year to ensure it is consistent with the most up to date advances in behavioural and implementation science.
  • We facilitate all our training in conjunction with the MO SW-PBS team, including Dr Tim Lewis (one of the original architects of PBIS).

Whole School Awareness

A 45 minute session for a whole school staff. Designed to give an overview of what SWPBIS is, and how the training and implementation would roll out.

Tier 1 Training

Our Tier 1 team training follows the procedure of SWPBIS, and guides team through the process of designing their Tier 1 intervention before they implement – no more building the plane in flight! Through 9 x 2.5 hour online modules over a school year we will help your team to design your behaviour expectations, school-wide matrix, routines and procedures, teaching and acknowledgement systems, and what to do if students make behavioural errors. We will then support your team through the process of launching SWPBIS and provide technical assistance and problem solving as required.

We can support you with a “pre-start” Zoom session to ensure you have the right team together, and they know what to expect from training.

A representative team (typically between 6 and 10 school staff) will attend the 9 online training modules, in which they will get the knowledge and resources to build all the Tier 1 systems over the course of one school year.

During each training module the team will get a clear idea of what to do and how, to implement each of the Essential Components of SWPBIS. The training is focussed and interactive, with work time within training and a clear list of tasks to complete before the next session.

Schools who have completed this model of training have found they are fully ready to “launch” SWPBIS tier 1 in their school the following year.

Tier 1 Training Overview

Training content

Session length

Who should attend

Introduction What is the training, time commitments, what to expect, and costs. 30 minutes School Leaders, staff interested in leading SW-PBIS
Awareness, Readiness and planning to get ready.

Setting up the Tier 1 Leadership Team

1 hour Whole school staff


ONLINE Tier 1 Training

  • Provision of the Action Plan, Workbook, and resources.
  • Information about, Australian examples of, and work time to design your schools implementation of the Essential Components of SWPBIS Tier 1
    • Common Philosophy and Purpose Leadership
    • Define Expected Behaviour – schoolwide expectations, Matrix, Procedures
    • Teach Expected Behaviour
    • Encourage Expected Behaviour
    • Respond to Behaviour Errors
    • Collecting Data efficiently and using it for
    • Data Based Decision Making. Using PBIS
    • Fidelity Assessments for ongoing Action planning
    • Supporting all educators to use Effective Teaching and Learning Practices in their classrooms
    • Readiness for Tier 2 and 3
8 sessions, each 2.5 hrs

Will cover all of the Essential Components of SW-PBIS Tier 1 (Supports for all students)

Delivered over one school year, approx. 2 sessions per term

Teams will attend training and then meet for work time between sessions, to complete actions from the Action Plan

Tier 1 Leadership Team.


A group of approx. 6-10 staff, representing the school and including an Administration team member

Schools should expect to be able to launch all of the SW-PBIS Tier 1 components the following school year.

Contact us if you would like further information.