Team Training

Team Training


  • Our training and resources are from Missouri School-Wide Positive Behaviour Support(MO SW-PBS)  
  • This training is rigorously researched and updated each year to ensure it is consistent with the most up to date advances in behavioural and implementation science.
  • We facilitate all our training in conjunction with the MO SW-PBS team, including Dr Tim Lewis (one of the original architects of PBIS).

Whole School Awareness

A 45 minute session for a whole school staff

Designed to give an overview of what SWPBIS is, and how the training and implementation would roll out.

This session is typically delivered via Zoom to increase flexibility and decrease costs.

Tier 1 Training

Our five day training follows the procedure of SWPBIS, and guides team through the process of designing their Tier 1 intervention before they implement – no more building the plane in flight! Over 5 non-consecutive days in a school year we will help your team to design your behaviour expectations, school-wide matrix, routines and procedures, teaching and acknowledgement systems, and what to do if students make behavioural errors. We will then support your team through the process of launching SWPBIS and provide technical assistance and problem solving as required.

Typically 5 days, over the course of one year.

We can support you with a “pre-start” Zoom session to ensure you have the right team together, and they know what to expect from training.

A representative team (typically between 6 and 10 school staff) will attend 5 days (typically face to face, but there is potential to use online training), in which they will get the knowledge and resources to build all the Tier 1 systems over the course of one school year.

During each training day the team will get a clear idea of what to do and how, to implement each of the Essential Components of SWPBIS. The training is focussed and interactive, with work time within training and a clear list of tasks to complete before the next session.

Schools who have completed this model of training have found they are fully ready to “launch” SWPBIS tier 1 in their school the following year.

Day 1: Understanding SWPBIS, Developing Common Philosophy and Purpose, Establishing Big 5 data Collection systems

Day 2: Developing Clear and Consistent Behaviour Expectations

Day 3: Supporting Staff to Teach the Social Behaviour Curriculum

Day 4: Responding to Behaviour in effective, educative and consistent ways

Day 5: Finalising “launch” plans, Data Based Decision making

Schools should expect to be able to launch all of the SWPBIS Tier 1 components the following school year.

For Schools already implementing SWPBIS

No more building the plane in flight!

Do you feel like you are implementing SWPBIS but not getting the outcomes you wanted? We can support you to solve some of the most commonly occurring problems with SWPBIS Implementation in Australia.

  • Data Based Decision Making. We find the most commonly occurring problem with school-wide implementation is that schools have not been effectively supported to use data for decision making. In this half day session the SWPBIS Leadership Team will be shown how to use their big 5 data to develop focussed solution plans, and measure the impact on student behaviour. This critical feature of SWPBIS is often overlooked in other models of training, but has major impacts for increasing staff buy in to implementing SWPBIS  – as your team will be able to show measurable results from using this process!
  • Fidelity checking and action planning– increasing efficiency and impact of Tier 1 Team meetings and whole school systems.

Out with the old and in with the new! This training will re-energise your SWPBIS team by showing them how to jettison the old ineffective tools they are using (like the SET and the TIC) and replace them with more meaningful, helpful and efficient alternatives – so you can see improvements in fidelity of implementation AND student behaviour

  • Systems to Support Effective Classroom Practice – Changing Classroom Practice through Peer Coaching and Multi-Component Professional Learning

Finally an alternative to the “Train and Hope” model! In this training we support schools to be self-sufficient in facilitating Effective Classroom Practice Professional Learning within the school – a model you will actually see results from!

What does the training and support look like?

In a one-year long project, Rypple will provide participating schools with training, resources and ongoing support to run their own, in-school Professional Learning, and measure the results.

This will be via the training and ongoing support of in-school Consultants (Effective Classroom Practice Consultants, (ECPCs):

ECPCs will be trained and supported to lead and facilitate the cycle:

  1. Assess the current level of teacher use of effective classroom practice and student behaviour errors/ engagement in learning, using de-identified direct observation (data collection) utilising the Teacher Feedback Tool (TFT)*;
  2. Collate and graph this information using the TFT Data Analysis Tool;
  3. Lead a team based, structured, data-based decision-making session to choose a goal for teacher practice and student behaviour/engagement improvement using theData Based Decision Making (Classroom Practice) Tool;
  4. Facilitate multi-component professional learning in the school on the teacher practice selected above – 10-minute information session with video examples and teacher information resources, establish focussed peer observations (10 minutes tallying selected practice, data (no verbal) feedback;
  5. Set up Cycles of peer observation, focussed on the target practice using the Snapshot Tools
  6. Re-assess the level of Teacher use of Effective Classroom Practice and Student Behaviour Errors/ Engagement in learning, using direct observations with TFTand determine whether there has been change in both using the TFT Data Analysis Tool;
  7. Compare pre-and post-results – changes in teacher use of practices AND the impact on student behaviour and engagement – celebrate successes with staff and continue the cycle in the school.

 Tier 2 Training

We will assist your school with problem solving and Technical Assistance in Tier 1, and to assess your readiness for Tier 2 – more intensive supports for the 15-20 % of students who need more help to be successful.

We offer specialised team training in selecting and implementing Tier 2 interventions across the whole continuum of Tier 2 support – for students with disruptive behaviour, social difficulties, attention problems and internalising problems like anxiety and depression. We will assist you to use data to make decisions about which interventions are needed in your school, how to select students for additional intervention, and how to implement interventions with fidelity to get the best results.

This training is typically four days of training, and includes ongoing technical assistance and problem solving support for your team along the implementation  journey.

Tier 3

 Schools implementing SWPBIS with fidelity and appropriate intensity will find so many of their students are flourishing, and are both academically and socially successful. However, some students will require highly individualised planning to be successful. We offer Team training and technical assistance/problems solving for schools in a range of Tier 3 interventions, including:

·      Developing Function Based Individual Behaviour Support Plans (FBA-BIP)

·      Prevention of and response to student violence (Phases of Escalation Profiling and Crisis Prevention Planning)

·      Individual Mental Health support plans for students with Anxiety and Depression.

This training is facilitated for a specialised team through three days of training, however whole school sessions are available to increase staff understanding and buy in of strategies.

Contact us if you would like further information.