Masterclass Program: Effective Teaching and Learning Practices

Masterclass Program: Effective Teaching and Learning Practices

Masterclass Program Phase One

 Schools are invited to send teachers to this exciting and effective professional learning opportunity in 2022. 

The ETLP Masterclass Program Phase One supports classroom teachers to implement and embed evidence-based Positive Behaviour Support Effective Teaching and Learning Practices in their classroom. 

Download the Masterclass Information flyer: Effective Teaching and Learning Practices

This comprehensive and practical professional learning program supports teachers in developing mastery of evidence-based, high-leverage classroom management and instructional practices to improve student behaviour and engagement in learning.

  • 3 days of professional learning to build fluency in using practices with empirical support for reducing student behaviour errors and increasing active engagement with learning.
  • A multi-component professional learning model which includes self-reflection and goal setting with multiple rounds of peer coaching and data-based feedback.
  • Participants work with a peer group to plan, implement, practise and get feedback on their use of the Effective Teaching and Learning Practices.

Schools are invited to send pairs of teachers to participate in 3 days of training, plus peer coaching and feedback over two terms.

Teachers who complete this program may be invited to complete Phase Two training to become consultants for their schools. 

What can I expect to get from this training?

Teachers who participate in the program can expect to learn what effective practices are, and how to use them to reduce student behaviour errors and increase active engagement with learning. 

School leaders can expect staff who attend to have measurably increased use of effective practices, embedded through peer observation and the use of data to make decisions about student learning. 

Who should attend this training?

This training is for any teacher who wants to get better results for their students! Whether you have 2 years or 20 years of experience we guarantee you will learn new practices and get an insight into your teaching you have never had before.

Graduate Masterclass

New graduates are welcome to attend our special graduate course: Download the Graduate Masterclass Information flyer: Graduates Effective Teaching and Learning Practices-2

Program Outcomes

By the end of the course, you will: 

  • Know what classroom management and instructional practices are scientifically proven to make a difference to students.
  • Be able to identify evidence-based, high-leverage classroom management and instructional practices when they are being used in the classroom.This will be via video observation and direct observation of your peerteacher.
  • Identify your own current rates of use of the effective practices, and set your own goals to get maximum change for your students.
  • Become skilled and fluent in the use of evidence-based practices to improve student behaviour and engagement in learning. You will get regular data feedback and be able to track your progress using the tools we give you.
  • Be able to use data about student behaviour and engagement in your classroom to solve commonly occurring behaviour problems.
  • Have the skills and resources to continue to improve your practice, and the learning outcomes of your students.

Download the Masterclass Information flyer: Effective Teaching and Learning Practices

I would like some more information before I sign up

Great! We are running free information sessions via Zoom in Term 4. 

Currently scheduled are: 

Thursday 11th November: 4:00-4:30pm

Information about Effective Teaching and Learning Practices PL 2

Registration for the information sessions is free, but required (as we will use the email address you provide to send you the link to the Zoom session on the day).

Contact us to discuss how we can assist in developing a whole school system to support all staff to increase their use of these skills.













Download the Rypple ETLP Map here: Rypple ETLP Map

MO SW-PBS Eight Effective Classroom Practices

MO SW-PBS has identified Eight Effective Classroom Practices that have been shown to increase the likelihood of appropriate behaviour and decrease problem behaviour while increasing academic learning time. Implementing these evidence-based practices has been shown to maximise learning for all students while minimising discipline problems.

MO SW-PBS has created modules to assist teachers as they learn these strategies.

PBIS Technical Brief on Systems to Support Teachers’ implementation of Positive Classroom behaviour Support

This technical brief summarizes proactive, efficient, and evidence-based systems for supporting teachers’ implementation of positive classroom behavior support (PCBS) practices school-wide (by Jennifer Freeman, Brandi Simonsen, Steve Goodman, Barb Mitchell, Heather George, Jessica Swain-Bradway, Kathleen Lane, Jeff Sprague, Bob Putnam)

Supporting and Responding to Behaviour

This document summarises evidence-based, positive, proactive, and responsive classroom behaviour intervention and support strategies for teachers.

These strategies should be used classroom-wide, intensified for support small-group instruction, or amplified further for individual students. These strategies can help teachers capitalise on instructional time and decrease disruptions.