PBIS Data-Based Decision Making

PBIS Data-Based Decision Making


  • Our training and resources are from Missouri School-Wide Positive Behaviour Support(MO SW-PBS)  
  • This training is rigorously researched and updated each year to ensure it is consistent with the most up to date advances in behavioural and implementation science.
  • We facilitate all our training in conjunction with the MO SW-PBS team, including Dr Tim Lewis (one of the original architects of PBIS).

For Schools already implementing SWPBIS

This three part online training is designed to help school PBIS Leadership teams collect and use data to solve student behaviour problems effectively and efficiently.

Download the Data-Based Decision Making flyer here.

No more building the plane in flight!

Do you feel like you are implementing SWPBIS but not getting the outcomes you wanted? We can support you to solve some of the most commonly occurring problems with SWPBIS Implementation in Australia.

  • Data Based Decision Making. We find the most commonly occurring problem with school-wide implementation is that schools have not been effectively supported to use data for decision making. In this half day session the SWPBIS Leadership Team will be shown how to use their big 5 data to develop focussed solution plans, and measure the impact on student behaviour. This critical feature of SWPBIS is often overlooked in other models of training, but has major impacts for increasing staff buy in to implementing SWPBIS  – as your team will be able to show measurable results from using this process!
  • Fidelity checking and action planning– increasing efficiency and impact of Tier 1 Team meetings and whole school systems.

Out with the old and in with the new! This training will re-energise your SWPBIS team by showing them how to jettison the old ineffective tools they are using (like the SET and the TIC) and replace them with more meaningful, helpful and efficient alternatives – so you can see improvements in fidelity of implementation AND student behaviour.

Part One: Introduction to Data Based Decision Making

The two important areas for data analysis: 

  1. Are we doing PBIS properly (with fidelity)
    • Replacing the SET and TIC with up-to-date tools – the Tiered Fidelity Assessment (for Leadership teams) and the 2021 version of the Self Assessment Survey (for all staff).
  2. Are we making a difference to student behaviour?
    • What does PBIS mean by data collection and usage?
    • Australian examples of Data Based Decision Making.
1 hr, 3:30pm AEDST and AWST Wednesday 16 February 2022 
$330 per school team

To register: https://rypple.org.au/events/

Part Two: Collecting data using the PBIS golden rules 

  1. The “Big 5” (or Essential 9) factors to record for each behaviour error
    • The golden rule of data collection- “Take no more than a minute of a teachers time”.
    • How to provide information in graphs.
1 hr, 3:30pm AEDST and AWST Wednesday 16 March 2022 
$330 per school team

To register:https://rypple.org.au/events/

Part Three: Using data to solve problems and see improvement over time 

  1. Supporting schools who have collected student behaviour data in a usable format, to solve problems. 
  2. Using the “Big 5” to get specific about student behaviour and plan for whole school solutions.
  3. Use Prevent, Teach, Reinforce logic on a whole school scale in this supported problem solving process. 
  4. Teams who complete this training will have a transparent and easy tofollow solution plan for their whole school staff to follow – and see measurable change in student behaviour.
1 hr, 3:30pm AEDST and AWST Wednesday 4 May 2022 
$330 per school team

To register:https://rypple.org.au/events/

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