Interconnected Systems Framework

Interconnected Systems Framework

Rypple is delighted to provide Australian schools with quality, free online PL to support student engagement utilising the Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) framework.

The ISF integrates PBL and School Mental Health, and creates a streamlined approach to school mental health and wellness by connecting all mental health efforts through one system.

  • Mental health is recognised as a critical part of education; however, schools still struggle with how to develop a comprehensive system of mental health support.
  • The ISF is being implemented in more than 30 states around the U.S.A and being explored in other countries (Iceland, the Netherlands, New Zealand).

The ISF PL provides training on how to embed mental health supports within the PBL framework to create a comprehensive system of mental health supports in schools. These include school-based teams using data to select interventions and monitor student outcomes.

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