Data Based Decision Making for SW-PBIS schools – Online S3 AEST

Data Based Decision Making for SW-PBIS schools – Online S3 AEST

Wednesday 04/05/2022
3:30 pm - 5:00 pm


Are you really a PBIS school? Can you show change over time in staff and student behaviour?

Does your PBIS Leadership team continuously use data to:

  • Identify, define, and analyse problems
  • Select and implement evidence-based practices
  • Progress-monitor and evaluate implementation of these practices
  • Create cycles of continuous improvement


Many of the schools we see working to implement SW-PBIS Tier 1 are hampered by not having efficient ways to collect and use data for decision making. This training is designed specifically for schools who have implemented Tier 1 but cannot yet see the results of their efforts. Teams who complete this training will be able to:

  • Collect data efficiently (using an alternative to the Integris system, designed specifically for Australian schools)
  • Use data to change student behaviour using step by step process
  • See measurable change in student behaviour – finally see the results of all your hard work!


The importance of school teams collecting useful data, and using it to solve problems in a structured format cannot be overstated.

Using data and a systematic problem-solving process shifts the SW-PBL Team decision-making from a reactive or crisis driven process to a pro-active outcomes driven process and sets the stage for continuous improvement.


This three part online training is designed to help school PBIS Leadership teams collect and use data to solve student behaviour problems effectively.


Part Three: Using data to solve problems and see improvement over time

Supporting schools who have collected student behaviour data in a usable format, to solve problems.

Using the “Big 5” to get specific about student behaviour and plan for whole school solutions.

Use Prevent, Teach, Reinforce logic on a whole school scale in this supported problem solving process. Teams who complete this training will have a transparent and easy to follow solution plan for their whole school staff to follow – and see measurable change in student behaviour

Note: this session will be held at 3:30pm Australian Eastern Standard Time

Data-Based Decision Making



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