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About Us

Our Team

We support schools, early childhood settings and other professionals to create evidence-based positive learning environments for all young people.

Dr Sharonne Telfer has over thirty years of experience as a teacher, school administrator and teacher professional learning consultant.  She has extensive experience researching, designing, and providing professional development, technical assistance and coaching to schools in Positive Behaviour Support (PBS). Her doctoral research focussed on building teacher capacity in the use of evidence-based classroom practices to increase student engagement and decrease behaviour errors using a within-school multi-component coaching model of professional learning.

Jennifer Payne is a Teacher and Psychologist who is passionate about supporting educators to meet the needs of students in regional and remote areas. Jennifer loves taking the research into what works and making it “real” and useful for classroom educators. She is especially interested in rural and remote settings, and working with services who support young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Dr Tim Lewis is a Teacher, researcher and one of the original co-founders of Positive Behavioural Interventions and Supports. He directs the University of Missouri Centre for School-wide Positive Behaviour Support and provides assistance to schools, regions, states and internationally in implementing PBIS to get the best outcomes for your people. His research and how he has helped teachers to implement research findings has revolutionised the way administrators and teachers deploy school-wide systems for positive behavioural support. His work has impacted teachers in all US states and over 20 countries, and he continues to lead the research-into-practice agenda of PBIS internationally.


We educate and empower to establish and sustain effective learning environments for raising young people.


  • We use and teach evidence-based positive interventions to improve social culture, behaviour and mental health.
  • We provide technical assistance to implement a multi tiered approach with measurable results.
  • We access high quality support by creating collaborative national and international research partnerships.


Innovation-We have a passion and curiosity for learning and seek out ways to have greater impact through research and evaluation.

Agility-We build capacity through agile methodology and transformative leadership practice.

High Expectations-We co-create high expectations relationships, positive learning environments and innovative cultures.

Celebrate-We celebrate great achievements.

Integrity-We conduct business with a strength of purpose that is honest, transparent and ethical. We work with diligence to do what is right, however difficult that might be. We operate with fidelity.