About Us

About Us

“If a child doesn’t know how to read, we teach.
If a child doesn’t know how to swim, we teach.
If a child doesn’t know how to multiply, we teach.
If a child doesn’t know how to drive, we teach.
If a child doesn’t know how to behave, we …teach? …punish?
Why can’t we finish the last sentence as automatically as we do the others?”

Tom Herner, 1998


We educate and empower to establish and sustain effective learning environments for raising young people.


  • We use and teach evidence-based positive interventions to improve social culture, behaviour and mental health.
  • We provide technical assistance to implement a multi tiered approach with measurable results.
  • We access high quality support by creating collaborative national and international research partnerships.


Innovation-We have a passion and curiosity for learning and seek out ways to have greater impact through research and evaluation.

Agility-We build capacity through agile methodology and transformative leadership practice.

High Expectations-We co-create high expectations relationships, positive learning environments and innovative cultures.

Celebrate-We celebrate great achievements.

Integrity-We conduct business with a strength of purpose that is honest, transparent and ethical. We work with diligence to do what is right, however difficult that might be. We operate with fidelity.